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…Walk humbly with your God…

Micah 6:8

Dear Friends - after 7 wonderful years of running Pilgrim Paths Ltd I have decided to award myself some Sabbatical Leave… a time of prayer, reflection and discernment for the future…

Our emails and sales section are closed until further notice. Feel free to download all the lovely free resources.                 Every blessing… Barbara

Mindful Prayer

Welcome to our new page exploring how

mindfulness and meditation can deepen our prayer lives.

The Gospels tell us that Jesus often took himself to a quiet place to pray…

Finding a quiet place to pray is not always easy for us in the busy demands of each day... Over the centuries people have found different ways to help them find a quiet place in their heads and hearts so that they can pray. In this section of the website I will share with you some:

Mindful Prayer Evenings…

As a gentle introduction to Mindful Prayer, our church is open on the first Thursday of every month, 6 pm - 8 pm, for people to drop in and enjoy some quiet time with the Lord.

They can sit quietly, walk a labyrinth, pray with Scripture or light a candle. At 7 pm I lead a short mindful prayer practice.

People can come and go as they wish.

It is the most blessed time…

Praying with Scripture…

    Feel free to copy for your own community.

Lighting a Candle….

This simple act reminds us that Christ is The Light that shows us the way through all our joys, difficulties and decisions.  

As we gaze on that light we can pray for those we know and love.

We had a basket of prayer cards so that people could write a name, an intention or a prayer on the back of the card and take it home with them - to remember this time of prayer.

You can download these here.

Feel free to copy for your own community.

Walking a labyrinth….

We laid out a canvas labyrinth and had finger labyrinths available too.

There are lots of resources to support labyrinth prayer on this website.

We also made sure that everyone knew that the latest time to enter the labyrinth was 7.30 pm.  

This is to enable everyone to have enough time to walk and pray before the end of the evening.

A Mindful Prayer Book is in preparation containing mindfulness and meditation practices that lead us into deeper prayer… It will be in a similar format to the popular Walk and Pray books…. With plenty of printable resources to focus and nourish prayer.

Mindful Prayer

Mindful Prayer can help us to focus on God, to let go of distracting thoughts and pay attention, in the present moment, to opening our hearts and minds to God in prayer.