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…Walk humbly with your God…

Micah 6:8

Oak Labyrinths

Fabric Finger Labyrinths

Walk and Pray Vol I

A PDF Book containing 12 printable labyrinth prayer walks to supplement the times when the labyrinth is walked for personal intentions and reflection.

Carefully crafted in England…

We have three designs to choose from…

Beautiful for prayer, reflection and meditation...

Printed in England on 100% cotton fabric…Washable…Light and easy to carry…

Also calico kits to make your own finger labyrinth…


Welcome to our shop offering beautiful resources for prayer,

reflection and meditation.

We are pleased to be able to offer our customers two methods of purchase:

We invite overseas customers to use the PayPal facility and will contact you with current postage costs for you to confirm and pay before we dispatch your items. Thank you.

Terracotta ‘The Way’ Tile

This labyrinth design comes from the glorious Watts Chapel in Surrey, UK